Radio Ondas Maritime Services, S.L. (ROMS), has a large experience on board vesses carrying out Installations, Repairs and Maintenance of Navigation / Communication Maritime Equipments.

We are certified by Spanish Authorities to perform services and Installations of Maritime Equipments on board Spanish´s fleet covering area A1, A2, A3 and A4 as well as certified by mains international Class Societies.

ROMS covers all Spanish ports and offer availability of technical support to perform quality services in others international ports with 24 hrs support.

Our training under manufacturer´s standards and our experience allows to our company give a good services repairing a large range of equipments as VHF, MF-HF, RADAR, ECDIS, VDR, GYRO, VSAT, TVRO, RADAR DETECCION OIL, RADAR DETECTOR WAVES…

ROMS has a wide range of equipments and brands for sale and installation.

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